Exactly How To Repair A Wet Cell Phone

Learn just how to fix, repair and save your water wet cellular devices like cell phone smart phones and tabletfix-water-damage-iphones if it gets water-logged.  If your cell phone gets soaked or drenched in the pool, rain, tea or coffee, just hark back to and follow these simple and easy first aid procedures. You will be more than amazed to see your iPhone, Samsung, HTC, smartphone, a tablet or ipod in working condition. You won’t get frustrated of on the trot looking around Lewisville cell phone repair centers if you follow these simple tips.

Most individuals don’t know the intricate steps to evade a water damage cell phone from getting messed up. The most significant thing is to follow the method shown here to avoid damages to the printed circuit board (PCB) of the cell phone. Avoiding damage to the PCB (also called motherboard) should be the main focus as you lose  any warranty on the wireless device due to water damage and in such circumstances most of the OEM service centers don’t provide a new circuit board and it is also not available with spare part sellers.

Steps To Repair & Fix A Water Damage Cell-Phone:

Get rid of the battery quickly well don’t throw it away, just take it off: This is very important to make sure that existing does not move easily in the motherboard and also do not simply switch-off the phone. Simply changing of the mobile is insufficient, you need to eliminate the battery.

Pull apart your cell phone: Open up your cell phone very carefully. You can see videos of dismantling method for your particular model on YouTube! You may need opening tools as well as screw driver for dis-assembly. If this seem too hard for you and you are near Lewisville Texas contact My Cell Phone Repair who have expert techs to handle this for you.

Dry the circuit board completely DO NOT SKIP this step: The green colored circuit board carefully and totally. You can use a normal household hair dryer or you can also dry it in direct sunlight. Just make certain you dry it out completely! Also dry all the spare parts and components: You also need to dry the components as well as the body so that zilch remains wet or even moist. Be careful that you do not break the LCD as it is very delicate.

Clean the circuit board:

Uncontaminated the entire PCB with alcohol using a
brush. This will prevent corrosion on the PCB.

pcb motherboard

When you complete all the above steps, you can put your cell phone back together. Now check if your phone power switches on. If yes, sing and dance! If no, don’t get too down, you still have one more possibility. You can connect it to computer and see if it is getting detected. If yes, update it online and check once again. If it still does not switch on, charge it and try once more. And if it is not getting identified on the computer, dismantle your cell phone again and give mild heat (not more than mild!) all over the PCB and then it check again. If it doesn’t switch on now, you are not lucky enough! You will have to visit a cell phone repair center.

Water logged mobile phone repair

Some fix-water-damage-iphone-with-ricepeople are known to keep the water-damaged cell phone immersed in a bag of (uncooked) rice to absorb all the wetness. It is a good thing giving helpful results, but still not enough if there is more water inside the handset.

Note: If you do not know how to go about the above procedures, don’t repair it yourself. You are more likely to damage the handset further. Just remove the battery immediately when it falls in get it fixed at repair centers. Click here.