1. Taking Care of Your Smart Phone Investment

    Taking Care of Your Smart Phone Investment Whether you like it or not mobile phones have become necessary in everyone's life that is 6 years of age or older. Yes, the common six-year-old nose picker is a smartphone device user, mobile phone video game playing, oops I dropped my phone and broke my screen reality.   The day of the "FREE CELL PHONE" are over with almost every desired mobile dev…Read More

  2. Exactly How To Repair A Wet Cell Phone

    Exactly How To Repair A Wet Cell Phone Learn just how to fix, repair and save your water wet cellular devices like cell phone smart phones and tablets if it gets water-logged.  If your cell phone gets soaked or drenched in the pool, rain, tea or coffee, just hark back to and follow these simple and easy first aid procedures. You will be more than amazed to see your iPhone, Samsung, HTC, smartphon…Read More

  3. Don’t Replace, Fix It!

    If you are reading this article most likely you experiencing this exact situation within your daily life. Where you have broken your cell phone and trying to figure out what to do and how to move forward. These issues can range from charging issues, casing problems, battery issues, and shattered or broken glass screens to name just a few. Since 90% of all American Adults now days either own or use…Read More