When water is bad.

There you are going about your day like usual, when all of the sudden you trip and drop your phone in a puddle. Whether it’s the sink, a drink, the toilet, or any other liquid situation, your phone will be in trouble when submerged. If you haven’t done it to your own phone, then you probably know someone who has.

My Cell Phone Repair is your go-to company when this happens to you. And it will!

Taking care of your phone immediately, you can trust that we will repair and save your phone from the watery doom it faces. It is not just phones that we repair from water damage; we work on all devices that may be affected by water including tablets, computers, and game consoles.

Let the experts take care of you.

When water gets into your devices, it seeps into all the cracks, ultimately shorting wiring and complex circuitry. Sometimes your phone or tablet will not turn on at all when other times, it’s just certain functions that stop working. Although you may not realize the damage water causes at first, it is always important that you have the experts take a look at your device right away. The longer that you put off getting the care that you need, the more of a chance you have for prolonged damage that cannot be reversed.

No matter what the backstory is, if your electronic devices have water damage call us right away! For the care that you need and the service that you deserve; My Cell Phone Repair is here for you.