The help you need, when you need it most.

CPU-use-picIs your computer acting weird? Is it hard to get any work done with the below average speed of your computer? My Cell Phone Repair are the professionals that you can count on to help you with all your computer issues.

At My Cell Phone Repair, we understand how heavily you rely on your computer to work at all times. Whether you are looking to have your screen replaced or the problem is being caused by a software malfunction, we have the solution for you.

Our computer repair services include

  • Hardware repair
  • Software repair
  • Screen repair
  • Ram
  • Removal of viruses
  • Diagnosing/repairing the blue screen of death

Don’t see your computer problem listed? Call us for more information on our other repair services.

Broken is never good.

When you think about your electronic device, many people think that the most important one is their cell phone. Yes, you use your cell phone all day long, but when thinking about what device is a necessity for larger projects, data storage, and files, your computer is probably your go-to. Although we wish it didn’t happen, computers do break down. With our expert technicians and dedication to fast, relief repair work, you have the solutions that you need when you need them.

At My Cell Phone Repair, we offer a variety of computer repair services so that no matter what may be wrong, we can help you. Repairing your devices in an effective and efficient manner, is how we ensure you no longer have to stress when things go wrong.

Your computer deserves the best, and that is exactly the type of service that we provide. Call us today to schedule your computer repair service now!