Taking Care of Your Smart Phone Investment

Whether you like it or not mobile phones have become necessary in everyone’s life that is 6 years of age or older. Yes, the common six-year-old nose picker is a smartphone device user, mobile phone video game playing, oops I dropped my phone and broke my screen reality.


The day of the “FREE CELL PHONE” are over with almost every desired mobile device retailing almost $1000.00 ( iPhone 8+ $799) (Samsung S8+ $850). This is some serious buck-a-roos for any cell phone user. Most wireless service providers no longer share the cost of equipment with the end-user, however; they kindly let you make a monthly installment on such a valued gem.

cheap cell phone repair


Even when you choose a leasing option versus to purchase you have to consider just the same or greater the care for your device. Trading in your smartphone for another requires a working non-damage device. Thank God for companies like MY CELL PHONE REPAIR in Lewisville, Texas.  They can fix any broken screen, shattered glass, headphone jack, most water damage, charging port of an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy.

Caring for these high dollar items are important to your pocketbook. Really think about sacrificing the sleek clean look of the devices out of the book from the manufacturer and put a protective case to help prevent any problems. Some wireless service companies offer phone insurance which is great but it comes at a cost. Typically you will pay $9-$15 per month then another $200 to get a replacement if your phone is broken.

At My Cell Phone Repair, you can get your device back and work in like new condition at a fraction of the cost. As reported in our their Google Reviews they are one of the cheapest, most reliable cell phone repair shop around Lewisville.


samsung-galaxy-s8-screen repair


Fixing mobile devices takes a certain amount of skill. The techs at My Cell Phone Repair have the just such nimble-fingered expertise to tackle all manner of smartphone maintenance. Their services extend to a wealth of other devices as well, including a wide variety of tablets, home computers, and even video-game systems. Though they routinely service busted screens and stuck buttons, their specialty is in water-damage repair, in which they renew the complex wiring and circuitry of shorted-out phones.